Navigating through the hundreds of home fragrances on the market can be overwhelming, but don't worry - we've got you covered. We've meticulously analyzed the most sought-after scents and compiled a list of the top home luxury fragrances going into 2023 based on sales, customer reviews, and online buzz. 


Dating back 900 years, vanilla was first grown by the Totonac tribe in Mexico. It then became a symbol of tribute to Aztec kings. Today, vanilla is known as the world's favorite flavor and is a staple in many perfumes and luxury home fragrances.

Vanilla has a sweet, creamy and comforting aroma with a hint of exoticness. Classified as a representative note of the "amber" fragrance family, it provides a rich, diffusive scent that enhances seductive and voluptuous fragrances.

The rich, luxurious scent of vanilla is featured as a base for several of our candle fragrances, including: Bourbon Apple Maple, Coconut Soleil, Christmas Hearth.


A natural remedy for stress and anxiety, lavender has been used for its relaxing properties for thousands of years. Originating from the Mediterranean mountains, the Egyptians first used its oil as a perfume 2500 years ago. Greeks and Romans also embraced its soothing scent and healing benefits.

The soothing fragrance of lavender has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety. The calming effect is attributed to the chemical component linalool in lavender oil, which activates certain brain receptors that promote relaxation. Additionally, lavender scent has been reported to alleviate depression, improve sleep, and provide mild pain relief.

At Bitches Love Candles, we use lavender in several of our original candle fragrances, including: Lavender & Sage


As a candle and coffee company, we were happy to find that the humble fragrance of fresh coffee is high on this list.

The scent of coffee has the power to awaken the senses, boost memory and increase alertness with just one whiff. For many people around the world, coffee is an essential part of their daily routine, providing not only a stimulating drink but also a warm, comforting aroma.

The rich, enticing smell of freshly brewed coffee is created by the Maillard reaction, a chemical process that takes place when heat interacts with sugars, proteins, and amino acids. This reaction produces a variety of aroma and flavor compounds, including 2-furfurylthiol, the primary source of the coffee scent, along with fruity aldehydes, caramel-like furans, earthy pyrazines, and smoky phenolics.

We're working on infusing a candle with the perfect coffee aroma. In the meantime, check our free-trade gourmet coffee roasts and enjoy the World's Most Bitchin' Coffee.


The tropical and refreshing scent of coconut brings a luxurious spa-like atmosphere to any room. Native to Southeast Asia, the versatile coconut is considered a fruit, nut, and seed all in one. This iconic scent embodies the essence of summer and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Coconut is a versatile ingredient that has taken the world by storm. It's packed with essential nutrients and minerals and is widely used for cooking, cleaning, and personal care. The sweet, tropical scent of coconuts is reminiscent of island vacations, evoking a sense of peace and relaxation in any space. Whether you're using it to create a spa-like atmosphere or simply to add a touch of the tropics, coconut is a must-have scent.

At Bitches Love Candles, we use lavender in several of our original candle fragrances, including: Coconut Soleil


 Sandalwood Uses: An Aromatic Therapy For Your Skin | Be Beautiful India

Sandalwood has a rich history, valued for its soft and sophisticated fragrance in both Buddhist and Indian cultures for thousands of years. It is considered one of the most expensive types of wood globally and is often used as an entry point into the world of luxury home scents.

Sandalwood's unique fragrance, a blend of deep, woody, and creamy notes, is derived from essential oils extracted from the tree's wood and roots. Exotic and sophisticated, sandalwood adds a touch of luxury to any scent blend, particularly when paired with other earthy or woody notes such as cedar, patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla, creating warm and uplifting fragrances with genuine depth and complexity.

At Bitches Love Candles, we use lavender in several of our original candle fragrances, including: Beach Linen in both our Relax, B*tch and Create-a-Candle.

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